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Originally, stucco was used as covering or finish for other work such as brickwork or stone work. It has always been highly durable and weather resistant so as to provide structures with a strong barrier that is sure to last. At Keys Plastering and Remodeling, we specialize in modern and traditional stucco repair in Savannah, GA. Our artisans are highly skilled and are equipped with years of experience so, you can trust that, whether you want traditional or modern stucco work done, you will receive the very best service.

Our artisans are highly knowledgeable and specialize in both modern and traditional stucco techniques. There are some substantial differences between the two techniques as well as between the stucco compositions. Modern stucco is designed and engineered to help make the application process faster while still maintaining durability. Modern stucco, much like the traditional stucco, is composed of sand, cement, lime, and water. However, modern stucco only requires two layers for application. Some modern stucco mixtures also include synthetic acrylics which provide flexibility and strength to the mixture. Traditional stucco however, is applied in three different layers. These three layers consist of the scratch coat, brown coat, and the finish coat. During traditional application, the water resistant aspect typically came from applying a water resistant felt that helped protect structures from water damage and rotting.

Whether your building utilizes modern or traditional stucco mixtures and techniques, you can be sure that Keys Plastering can restore any building to its former glory. We consider stucco to be an artform that can be used to transform any building into a beautiful piece of art. We provide our customers with quality services they can count on. So, if you need intricate stucco work done on your home or building, call us today!

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