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A mix of sand, cement, lime and water, with some including synthetic acrylics which add strength and flexibility, modern stucco is used as a tasteful and unique exterior wall covering.

One of the major differences between modern and traditional stucco is modern synthetic can be applied as two layers, a base and a finish, making it thinner and faster to apply than the traditional three-coat stucco application. Due to the flexibility of many acrylic finishes, they have the ability to stretch and bridge over cracks, improving appearance and limiting moisture permeation. This also helps if the exterior needs repairing.

When we apply stucco, we are primarily concerned about keeping the structure safe. By applying moisture resistant materials and using other techniques, we protect the framing and then build out to make it look remarkable. We can add a color coat, which allows the texture to truly pop while making your walls spectacular and original, truly reflecting the style and décor of the space as a whole.


Because we are highly experienced with Old World plastering techniques, the traditional forms of stucco have always been a draw to our sensibilities.

Stucco has always been highly durable, being weather resistant and strong. However, it was traditionally used only as a finish over other work like brick and stone. The three coats used in traditional stucco consist of the scratch coat, the brown coat, and the finish coat, each building out more texture and unique beauty. In traditional applications, the moisture resistance comes from a kind of felt which repels the water, keeping the structure safe from rot and mold.

Our Stucco

Your space is unique: styled and decorated with taste and careful decisions, don’t let your walls be neglected. Our stucco is highly durable, strong, and tailored to fit your home or office, whether exteriorly or interiorly. We stand behind the work we do, offering a two year warranty on all of our stucco services, because we are craftsmen who can count on the quality of what we do, and we think you should be able to as well.

With a drive to do whatever it takes to make each customer happy and transform their space into a work of art, we are highly skilled, trained and knowledgeable about our craft. This means that we do it right, and we do it right the first time.

We have what it takes to create an environment that is beautiful, unique and incredible, so contact us today to see what we can do for you. Pay-as-WE-go, so you’ll never be charged for work we haven’t done yet, you know we are artisans you can count on.

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